This is the most asked question about Pinterest nowadays and people who work on Pinterest or do their business nowadays are struggling with the problem, after google plus, all the traffic of google plus has come on Pinterest some people. They make some mistakes, due to which they have to face it, whose monthly views are more, they are reduced in one stroke. because they do some mistakes. So today I have brought some tips for you with the help of which you can gain your monthly views.

That’s the mistake you make On Pinterest

Double or Repeat posts

I also made this mistake. Doing the same post twice. When there is an article in your website, then we post it twice for more traffic when this is the reason that it reduces the monthly views. This is against the pintrest algorithm.

Pin addict

When you do too many pins, it still happens, always do the same pins that have good performance.

Top best Tips For Pinterest views

Fresh Pins

Put the right kind of pins in your board. Do not save the pins which do not have good performance, on which there are at least 15000 pins, save the pins in your board. This also increases the authority of the board.

Claim Website

Claim Website Your Website on Pinterest This is increase the value of your account on Pinterest .

Use hashtag #

Use # In your Pins’s and board’s description In increase your pins and board value. For Example if you have board of Jokes you can use LIKE # funny humor Jokes # funny jokes # son & father jokes # girlfriend Jokes And many more Categories Of jokes you can use. But This is a Example of jokes you can use any think. Like house interior design and Give this Categories #.


Repin Content from Others. But those who perform well


Use Keywords in Descriptions Like SEO .and gave them # . write organic Keywords.

Business account

Make Your Pinterest account a Business account . because a normal account in perform very well.

To recap, Pinterest image sizes:Profile images: 165 x 165 pixels. Pins in feed: 238 pixels x adjusted to height. Expanded pin size: 735 pixels x adjusted to height. Pin boards complete size: 238 x 284 pixels.

What size should a Pinterest image be?

The recommended Pinterest image size for your pins:

Height=900 If You can Use different Width you can take 2:3 Ratio.

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