1Portable Re-Writable Writing Pad₹299
2Phone Charger Cord Protector₹139
3Multi Function Electronics Cleaner Tool Kit₹199
43 Port Fast Car Charger Adapter₹399
5Electronics Accessories Organizer Bag₹499
6Engraving Pen₹249
7Portable USB LED Mini Tube Light₹99
8Bluetooth Remote Controller Shutter Button for Selfie₹210
9Oral B Battery Powered Electric Toothbrush₹479
10Automatic Wireless Water Can Dispenser Pump₹389
112-in-1 Laptop Stand & Mobile Stand₹399
12Professional Knife Sharpener₹299
13Multi-Purpose Anti Vibration Pads for Washing Machine₹298
14TouchScreen Woolen Gloves₹199
15boAt BassHeads Headphones₹365
16USB Hub₹179
17Universal Mobile Holder₹127
18Smart Water Bottle with LED Temperature Display₹320
19Smart Key Finder Locator₹229
20Webcam Cover₹149
21Digital Voltage Tester₹110
22Flexible 360° Degree Rotation Hanging Neck₹289
23Gaming Mouse Pad₹499
24LED Screen Luggage Weighing Scale₹274
25Gadget Disinfectant Wipes₹299

1. The portable, 8.5-inch Portronics RuffPad E-Writer, with 8000+ reviews, is perfect for taking quick notes, making lists, and doodling. It has an LCD panel, a stylus and a one-touch erase button. The replaceable battery lasts up to 50,000 erases – ₹399

2. This Oral B battery-powered toothbrush – ₹399 is a big hit in the personal care appliances niche. It has a soft handle with a sturdy grip, criss-cross bristles to reach in between your teeth, and a rotating powerhead for effective cleaning.

3. Get this bestselling, portable Live Tech BlueTooth wireless speaker – ₹485 with rich bass that you’ll want to use for workouts, to play music while you work and more!

4. This engraving pen – ₹186 will help you personalize your things with patterns, monograms and more. It can write on glass, metal, plastic, wood and more.

5. These Boat BassHeads earphones come with a mic, clear sound, super extra bass, and an extra-long cable. They will keep you from constantly saying “Pardon?” during work calls – ₹349 (MRP ₹999)

6. These ultra-thin, sliding webcam covers for your phone and laptop will keep the camera lenses blocked in case hackers gain access to your cam – ₹289 (Set of 6)

7.These LED photo clip fairy lights – ₹399 will make any wall look really cosy, and will make your heart overflow with love whenever you look at pictures with friends and family.

8. This self-stirring mug – ₹259 will automatically whisk your beverage to perfection and dissolve any sugar. It comes with a nifty lid and double vacuum insulation technology to keep your drink warm.

9. If you always find yourself groping in the dark for your charger at 2 AM when your phone battery has died from all your internet surfing, you need this LED night lamp with two USB charging sockets – ₹499. It has 3 lighting modes— on, off, and automatic— and a warm, soothing presence that you’ll want to keep by your bedside.

10. This fun Strauss Tummy Twister – ₹555 will let you spin in one spot, which is a full-body workout.


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