3 guys from Michigan go to Hell

So he arrives at their cell and listens in for a few minutes. He hears the guys talking. “Man, Hell really isn’t as bad as I expected!” “I know, right? Sure it’s hot and all, but it’s dry heat.” “Yeah, no humidity whatsoever! This has nothing on a Michigan summer!”

Satan hears this and smirks. “Not so bad, huh? OK then.” He grabs the thermostat for their cell and cranks it all the way up, from “hot” to “incinerate”. “There. Let’s see how you boys like that.” And he leaves them there.

The next day, Satan stops by the cell again. To his shock, the guys from Michigan are having a great time. “This is fantastic! The fire killed all the mosquitoes!” “I haven’t been bit since we got here! This is great!”

Now, Satan is a bit annoyed that they aren’t suffering, but he can fix this. “Ok, so if hot won’t cut it, let’s see how you like cold.” He turns their thermostat all the way down, to 50 below zero. “That’ll fix them for sure.”

That night, Satan gets a very nervous call from one of his minions at two in the morning. “Uh, sir… It’s the guys from Michigan, sir. They’re, uh… partying, sir.”

Satan goes tearing back to the office. He charges down to the Michigan guys cell, practically tearing his hair out with frustration and rage. “WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU PEOPLE?! You are in HELL! What does it take to make you suffer?!”

One of the Michigan guys answers him. “Satan, you don’t get it! Hell froze over! There’s only one explanation! The Lions won the Super Bowl!”

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