Adult Story Of A Ninja Girl

S3x Story Of Ninja Bitch

The muscular bearded man lunged forward, burying his cock deep into the cunt of the spread eagled woman underneath him. The woman he is fucking isn’t just any female. She is known as “Ninja Bitch”, a crime-fighting super heroine, whose fighting skills are superior to most men, which is why she’s chained down. The five-foot-four dark haired, one-hundred twenty pound dynamo is lethal with both arms and feet.

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“Fuck her harder!” The encouraging shout came from the woman, who is the boss of this rowdy group known as “The Goons.” Her name is Gerda, and she used to be the part-time lover of the bitch who’s being fucked. That’s because the blonde-haired, slender Nordic featured woman is bi. She also knew that the surest way of demoralizing a known lesbian was to have her fucked by a man, something Ninja Bitch hasn’t experienced since her senior prom in high school. That event was so disgusting that NB vowed to never allow another dick that was attached to a man inside her cunt.

However, in the last two hours the super heroine has been fucked fives times and she’s sucked off five cocks as well. There were times when she’d have a cock in her cunt as well as one in her mouth. Gerda herself did the honors of butt-fucking her former lover with her strap-on. Not only that, this whole sordid scene is being video taped, capturing close-ups of the various cocks entering NB’s vulnerable holes.

This whole affair is being emailed to the person Gerda is mostly interested in capturing – Shawna. She is a cohort of Ninja Bitch, and it has been rumored that the two have had a Sapphic rendezvous on more than one occasion. In addition Shawna stole one of Gerda’s closest and most loyal Goon members. He is simply known as “Stud Boy.” Shawna is also a switch, having known pussies as well as cocks, and Stud Boy keeps the red haired five foot ten inch Native American beauty well satisfied- something he once did for Gerda.

Shawna was indeed horrified when she saw Nin being raped repeatedly. She even saw whip marks on her friend’s thighs as well as the nasty bruise on her left cheek. How did she let herself get captured by these thugs? What Shawna didn’t know was that NB was set up. Gerda hired a prostitute to enter a gay-bar, that Ninja Bitch was known to frequent. The paid whore sat next to her target as the bar, and struck up a conversation. Soon the two women walked downstairs to a dark, secluded area. While the prostitute was on her knees sucking the other woman’s pussy, the Goons entered the bar, went directly downstairs and found the two. Since it was dark, NB didn’t see the two men who held her tight or the punch from Gerda that put her lights out.That is how Ninja Bitch got into her current position. Gerda counted on Shawna trying to find her friend after she saw the videos, but they had to be careful. Stud Boy has also become super heroine’s bodyguard, and the two of them together could be trouble for anyone.

What Gerda didn’t know was that Shawna had special telepathic power, that was brought on by the special body suit the red head wore. It was Velcro which literally stuck to her body. It covered her 36c’s but the nipples pushed invitingly outward, and it was so tight around her pelvis that her pussy lips were visible through the matching purple material. Her rounded butt cheeks were bare. She was indeed a statuesque sight which is why Stud Boy walked around with a perpetual hard-on.

When Shawna saw her friend looking into the camera, she could tell Ninja was sending her a message telling her where she was. But how
were they going to free her? Stud Boy told Shawna he did his best thinking while fucking. The woman’s mind was clearly on Ninja, but then she smiled at her virile man. “Let’s get out of here though and go somewhere we can think clearly.

The duo rented a room in one of the ritziest hotels in the city. They didn’t care about price; they just wanted some privacy where they could think and fuck clearly. What they didn’t know however, was that Gerda had spies all over the city, one of her Goons saw Shawna and Stud Boy enter the hotel. The blonde woman sucked the cock of the hotel manager so she could get a key to the room. Stud Boy had his cock buried in Shawna’s cunt, when the Goons burst into the room. Three of the big men held the fucked woman down as three others dragged Stud Boy out of the bed. He managed to punch two of them before they overpowered him. Repeated punches to the stomach and a kick to the groin put the six-foot four, two hundred fifty pound man to his knees before a powerful kick to the jaw put him down and out.

Gerda scowled down at the pinned down Shawna. “Tie the bitch to the bed! This is going to be fun! No don’t kill him, I want him to fuck me later! She blurted to her gang as one of them was about to stab Stud Boy.

Meanwhile, back at the Goons’ hideout, Ninja Bitch was still being worked over by the two Goons Gerda left there. She lost count how many times she’d been fucked. If she could get freed, she could get out of this and save her friends. She’d overheard the blonde bitch talking about where Stud Boy and Shawna were, and she knew exactly where the hotel was. So she changed tactics, she decided to try to talk nice to these two meatheads. She told them she’d get on her knees and suck there cocks if they’d free her from these chains. Sure enough, they agreed and sure enough, their lifeless bodies were soon on the floor.

Back at the hotel, Shawna was powerless from stopping the Goons from following Gerda’s command. Her eyes widened as she saw the blonde leader raise the whip, and she cried out into the panty-gag that they’d inserted in her mouth. “This is for stealing Stud Boy away from me you bitch, she seethed as she brought the strands ferociously across the tied-down woman’s bare breasts. “He’ll never want to fuck you again, by the time I get done with you, you cunt!”

What Gerda didn’t know was that Ninja Bitch had escaped, and was now on her way toward the hotel. The Goons were so engrossed by what Gerda was doing to Shawna that they were unprepared for the five-foot dynamo from bursting in and single-handedly showing each one of them how lethal her hands and feet were. In The melee Stud Boy woke up and joined in the mayhem. It was Ninja herself who had the supreme honor of punching Gerda’s lights out. “I owe you that, bitch!

Ninja Bitch immediately freed Shawna, and along with Stud Boy engaged in all around hug. Later that night, the two super heroines engaged in a prolonged session of mutual sixty-nines and strap-on fucking. Of course the red head also rode the big man’s cock to a mind-blowing orgasm, and everyone was happy.

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