Adult S*x Story ( Bedtime Story)

After school we’d fuck on my bed with the shades drawn.

We’d walk in separate directions, meeting around the corner, so our friends wouldn’t know, and I’d let her in the back door when no one else was home. She was always quiet as I led her up the stairs, and even as we undressed in the near darkness we hardly talked at all. I’d kiss her for hours, taking my time with everything, and she’d sigh as she squirmed on my lap breathing into my mouth in between biting me on the chin.

I spent the most time between her legs, kissing her thighs and licking her lips over and over again. I loved feeling her grow wet from my fingers and tongue, and I loved watching her lips swell and change color. She clenched her thighs around me as I fucked her that way, and she wouldn’t let me move until she had come at least once.

When we fucked it was always the same. Her shyness vanished after that first orgasm and she’d push me down to my bed with a grin. She’d climb on top of me, looking around the room, searching for something to put in my head. I could feel her teasing me before she ever said a word, but once she finally buried me in her cunt I knew it would come.

“I could open the blinds,” she whispered, starting to move.

“Please don’t,” I’d moan back, knowing what was next.

“I’ll walk out the front door, my dress falling off my shoulders with a smile for your neighbors,” she cooed.

“No,” I groaned, trying to fuck her faster so I might come before she finished.

“You can’t resist, can you?” she whispered, leaning down to my ear with a kiss. She pulled my cock from within her wet pussy and held me against her skin. “Even though I threaten you each time, you won’t stop, will you? Even though all I have to do kiss you in the hall and it would all be over.”

“Don’t,” I mumbled, trying to pull her back onto me.

“Do the photos upset you?” She asked, turning my head to the bedside table and forcing me to look. I opened my eyes just as she started to fuck me once more and I was shaking already. “Do the photos of your wife upset you? Or do you like fucking my pretty little pussy while she watches? Do you like fucking me here on your bed without her ever knowing?”

“Don’t stop,” I finally whispered, getting closer with each word. Hating myself and hating my situation, but never hating her. Never even coming close.

“Come for me,” she finally whispered, rocking her hips at just the right angle for me to feel everything. “Come inside me, so tomorrow in class you’ll remember. Each time I open my legs you’ll remember that you fucked me and there is nothing you can do to make it untrue.”

“Yes,” I screamed, pulling her down to a kiss as I filled her once more. As I filled her perfect cunt for the last time, promising myself in the midst of my release that it was done. That I would let her go. That it would never happen again.

“I’ll see you tomorrow Mr. K.,” she teased, pulling on her clothes in the dark room.

“Go out the back door,” I mumbled as she made her way down the hall.

“I’ll think about it,” she yelled back, my cock twitching once more.

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