Toll Plaza Rates in Tamilnadu 2023

Why does a Toll Plaza exist?

Tolls are similar to a tax that only applies to toll road users. Toll roads allow for the construction and maintenance of new roads without raising taxes on the general public. Tolls on roads are sometimes removed once the cost of construction has been recovered from tolls collected. Toll roads are also beneficial to the environment. This will help to reduce both the volume of harmful emissions and transportation costs. Toll roads, like Interstates, are aimed to give a better quality of service than regular roadways. Their limited entry allow for improved security such as no left turns, no red-light running, and a central median barrier to prevent head-on collisions.

How do people pay at Toll Plazas?

The amount of toll is determined by the length of the toll road stretch (usually 60 km). If it is less, you will be charged according to the actual length of the road. Other factors include the infrastructure type and the vehicle’s axle count, load, and so on. As a result, the driver does not have to queue at the toll plaza to pay the toll charge. It saves the user both time and fuel. It enables customers to recharge their FASTag account online using a credit card, debit card, NEFT, RTGS, UPI, or even net banking.

Type of vehicleSingle JourneyReturn JourneyMonthly PassCommercial Vehicle Registered within the district of plaza
Upto 3 Axle Vehicle180.00270.006000.0090.00
4 to 6 Axle260.00390.008625.00130.00
7 or more Axle315.00470.0010500.00155.00

For the Stretch between Akkarai to Mahabalipuram

(i.e. Km 22/300 to 55/800 (4 Lane)

Vehicle TypeCar / Jeep ,Three WheelerLCV,LGN, Mini BusTruck /BUS3 Axle Commercial VehicleMulti Axle VehicleOver Sized Vehicle (7 or more Axle)
Daily Pass(Multiple Trip)125200370450560740
Monthly (50 Trip)152024254520548068158925
Monthly(Multiple Trip)26754255793596201196015660

Boothakudi Toll Plaza/Gate Charges/Rates/Fees

Vehicle TypeSingleReturnMonthlyCommercial
2 Axle Bus, Truck260.00260.00260.00260.00
3 Axle Bus, Truck285.00430.009510.00145.00
4,5,6 Axle Bus, Truck41061513670.00205.00
7 Axle Bus, Truck50075016645250
Heavy Vehicle41061513670205
Local Monthly Pass LT1:265.00LCV Daily Pass:
Local Monthly Pass LT2:Truck Daily Pass

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