Four women go on a road trip. No real reason, they just need to blow off some steam. They pick a random highway and start driving. They’re having a great time, laughing and joking the whole time. It’s starting to get late, and they see a billboard advertising a hotel for women only. Intrigued, they take the turnoff. As they drive, they see sign after sign extolling the virtues of this women-only hotel, and they get more and more excited. Finally they arrive, and enter the hotel lobby. The front desk clerk is a lovely middle-aged woman with a gentle demeanour. She tells them that the hotel works a bit differently from most hotels – at this hotel, all rooms are the same price, and each room has a man who will serve the woman’s every desire, whatever it may be. When you find the room that you want, you take it, but you’re not allowed to come back down the stairs once you go up. There are five floors in total. So the women pay, and enter the hallway foe the first floor. A sign there says “All the men on this floor have small, narrow penises.” The women giggle and quickly agree to go up to the next floor. The next floor has a sign that says “All the men on this floor have long, narrow penises”. The women discuss for a bit, but they quickly agree to try the next floor. That one has a sign that says “All the men on this floor have short and thick penises”. The women have caught on to the trend. They’re excited to get to the next floor, and quickly head up the stairs. Sure enough, the sign there says “All the men on this floor have long and thick penises”. One of the women nearly swoons with excitement. They all talk happily and excitedly to each other, until one of them says “wait… what’s on the fifth floor?” The women all grow quiet, and look to the next flight of stairs with wonder. They share a quick look, then agree to head up to the last floor. The sign there reads “This floor is just here to prove that women are never satisfied”

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