A Farmer had Three Daughters

called for Betty, who zipped down the stairs, kissed her father on the cheek and was gone.
The farmer continued to clean his shotgun until 6PM when there was another knock on the door.
The farmer answered the door with shotgun in tow.
There was, again, a young gentleman on the stoop. He said to the farmer, “Hey! My name is Joe,
I’m here to pick up Flo. We’re going to see a show, is she ready to go?”
The farmer again scratched his chin, but turned and called for Flo, who hurried down the stairs,
kissed her father’s cheek and left with Joe.
The farmer returned back to his chair cleaning his shotgun.
At 7PM there was a rap upon the door. The farmer stood and carried his shotgun to the door and
answered, where there was once again a gentleman caller on the stoop.
The gentleman began, “Hello, my name is Chuck-” BANG The farmer shot him.

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