Anganwadi Food Chart 2022-2023

Anganwadi Food Chart 2023

The Government of India has come up with a scheme for pregnant women, which has been launched recently under Anganwadi, every year children are enrolled in the Anganwadi center, their names are put in the list, the postic size is very important for pregnant women. That is why, to provide many facilities to these pregnant women, every year and every time many schemes are being taken in the Anganwadi.

India government gives one nutritious dinner consistently to pregnant and lactating ladies and youngsters underneath the age of six through Anganwadi focuses. The plan was sent off formally on January 1, 2015 by Honorable Chief Minister Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao.
For the ladies, 200 ml of milk for 25 days per month and one egg every day will be given with feast . Kids, matured between seven months and three years are furnished with 16 eggs a month notwithstanding a 2.5 kg food bundle. For youngsters matured somewhere in the range of 3 and six years, one egg a day notwithstanding rice, dal, vegetables and bites is provided.

This is Food Chart

Sl. No.

Category of Menu


Rate (in Rs.)

Normal Children

(500 Cal)

Pregnant and Nursing Mother

(600 Cal)


(800 Cal)


Main Meal











50 gm

`. 0.30

60 gm


80 gm

`. 0.48

Moong daal

25 gm

`. 1.90

30 gm


40 gm

`. 2.71

Cooking oil

3 gm

`. 0.30

3.6 gm


4.8 gm

`. 0.48


30 gm

`. 1.50

36 gm


48 gm




`. 1.00






`. 0.10



`. 0.10


Morning Snacks











50 gm

`. 1.70

60 gm


80 gm

`. 2.72




3 gm

`. 0.30

4 gm


5 gm

`. 0.50








`. 10.39

Anganwadi food menu for pregnant ladies

It is important to note that this menu is an exemplar and can be adjusted according to regional preferences, availability of ingredients and individual dietary requirements.

MealFood Items
BreakfastCooked cereal (rice, millet, or wheat porridge), Egg omelet or boiled egg, Fresh fruits, Milk or yogurt
Mid-Morning SnackDry fruits and nuts (almonds, walnuts, raisins), Coconut water or fresh fruit juice
LunchWhole wheat chapati or rice, Lentils or legumes (dal), Green leafy vegetables, Seasonal vegetable curry, Curd
Afternoon SnackSprouts salad (mung beans, chickpeas, or lentils), Vegetable soup
Evening SnackWhole grain sandwich (with vegetables and paneer), Herbal tea or milk
DinnerWhole grain roti or brown rice, Protein-rich food (chicken, fish, tofu, or paneer), Mixed vegetable curry, Raita
Bedtime SnackMilk or a glass of warm turmeric milk

After being separated from the social welfare department, the Directorate of Women and Child Development began operations on 1-4-92 with notification No. 79-SW I/92 dated 10th February,1992. As a nodal agency for women and children’s advancement, the Department develops plans, policies, and programmes and coordinates the efforts of both government and non-governmental organisations working in the field of women and child development. The Department and its constituent organisations collaborate closely with social organisations and international organisations such as UNICEF, World Bank, UNFPA, and others.

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