Tom and Jenna have been having problems in bed so Jenna confides in one of her friends, Sally. Sally tells Jenna, “You should go see my sxx therapist. Me and John were having issues and he told us to buy donuts and grapes. I eat the doughnut off of John’s p*nis and he uses his tongue to eat the grapes out of me. Ever since, our sxx life has been better than ever.”

So Tom and Jenna go to see the sxx therapist. When they arrive the secretary tells them to strip down and wait in his office. When the therapist arrives he turns around and tells them, “I can’t help you.”

Jenna yells back, “Wait! Can’t you just give us the same advice you gave John and Sally?”

He says, “Okay, on your way home buy some life savers and a coconut.”

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